Antonin Raymond: Biography and Major Works


1888 Born in Kladno, Bohemia (Czech Republic).
1910 Graduated from the Prague Technical University. Emigrated to the US. Found work in NYC with Cass Gilbert, who was then involved with the Woolworth Building.
1914 Visited Italy, set up painting studio outside Rome. Returned to US and married Noémi Pernessin.
1916 Went to Taliesin to join Frank Lloyd Wright.
1919 Traveled to Japan with Wright to help build the Imperial Hotel.
1920 Parted from Wright; established American Architects and Engineers.
1923 Established independent office.
1925 Became a member of American Institute of Architects.
1928 Junzo Yoshimura started work as an intern with Raymond.
1930 Joined by Kunio Maekawa.
1935 Antonin Raymond, His Work in Japan 1920-35.,
1938 Returned to US. Opened design studio in New Hope, Pa.
1941 Closed Tokyo office.
1945 Organized office Raymond & L.L. Rado Architects in NYC.
1948 First visit to Tokyo after the war; re-opened Tokyo office.
1952 Elected member F.A.I.A. Awarded Architectural Institute of Japan annual prize for Readers' Digest Building.
1964 Awarded The Order of the Rising Sun.
1966 Named life member of Japan Institute of Architects.
1970 Antonin Raymond: An Autobiography.
1973 Returned to New Hope, Pa.
1976 Died on October 25 in New Hope. Memorial service at St. Anselm's Meguro Church.

Major Works

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